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Fonts are one of the few elements in our life we spend most of our time on. Doesn’t matter if you’re texting, browsing the internet, or just reading, fonts exist everywhere all the same. Well that’s why I’m scribbling this How To Change Font of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome guide down!
And without knowing, they (fonts) become an extremely important and common part of our day-to-day life, cause hey when was the last time you went couple days without touching a cell phone, being on a computer or watching a Television? Yeah that,s right, never!
And you don’t give this a thought generally, but when you do, you’d feel that if you change the fonts on your device which you’ve been using for years or months, it suddenly feels like you’ve got a new device.
Well I’ll get into the details obviously but first let’s get into some basics.

What are Fonts and Why Would You Change Them?

Fonts are the “Texts” sprinkled all over the various kinds of devices that we use. Infact, if you give it a thought, you spend over 50-60% of your awake-time staring at fonts.
Be it at office when you’re working, at home when you’re texting, or when you’re simply staring up at the different product labels, fonts are everywhere!
Now the interesting thing here is, when you use a cell phone or laptop, you actually are concentrating on the “fonts” almost all the time and not on what colour your laptop is or how big the keyboard keys are and that’s a fact.
That’s the reason that when you change your fonts, it feels like you’ve got yourselves a fresh system, cause everything (where your actual focus lies) feels so new, while in reality it’s all the same except the font.
The difference feels major because the part we focus “majorly” on has changed.
Well why would you want to change it? There are various reasons:-
  • Design Change:- Obviously just changing the design and getting a fresh look is a pretty good reason, isn’t it?
  • Size:- Some fonts come in a specific size, if the size isn’t what you want and you’re unable to increase it, you might change it.
  • Readability:- Some fonts just aren’t made for “Reading”, they’re for “Decor” purposes, on greeting cards and stuff. If you somehow got one of those fonts on your laptop or cell phones, good luck decoding them!

How To Change Font of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome?

So finally down to the section you’ve been waiting for.  Let’s start by having a look at How To Change Font of Google Chrome.
Click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the browser, and click on Settings.
Scroll down and click on “Advanced settings”.
Scroll further down and you can see the “web content”. Click on “customize fonts” over there.
A popup would come up granting you access to a number of different fonts and their previews. Just select the fonts you want and you’re done!

How To Change Font of Firefox:-

In order to change the font in the Mozilla Firefox browser, the steps are almost the same, with just a bit of different labeling.
Click on the three horizontal lines on the top-right corner of the screen, and then click on options.
Move to the “content” tab and you can see “fonts” there listed neatly. Just select the fonts you want from this list and you’re done!
Or if you’re looking for a bit more customization, feel free to click on the “Advanced” tab, which will bring to you a popup where you can adjust the size, colors and couple other detailed settings for the fonts.
How To Change Font of IE?
If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can see the “gear icon” again on the top-right corner of your browser. Click there, and then choose “Internet Options” from the list.
A popup would show itself, find and click on the “fonts” button on the tab.
Another box would break out of its eggshell letting you choose the fonts and size you want.
And not to go with the traditional criticism that I.E faces, but I still feel Chrome and Mozilla have a better interface when it comes to font selection than I.E. I never got it, how could the World leader in Tech (Microsoft) not be able to build something to compete with Chrome!
Anyway you’re done!

Final Words:-

So that was all I had as far as this How To Change Font of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome guide is concerned folks.
Hope this piece helped? I’ve tried to keep the steps as simple and straight-forward as possible. Although if I still missed something, feel free to let us know in the commentsbox.
Also, if you’ve got other ways to Change Font of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, even then you can make use of the commentbox and share your methods with us.
And if you’ve seriously got nothing to say, just let me know your experience on this article and the website as a whole, it helps us make the community better.
And obviously, I wouldn’t mind in the least if you decide to share this piece on your Social Media with your folks, they might thank you for the rest of their lives everytime they get a new look on their browsers because of you.

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