How to Increase Page Views to a Website For Free

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Increasing page views on your website can positively impact on your branding. By driving more traffic to your website, you increase your chances of that user eventually becoming a lead and then a sale. You can review your page views using Google Analytics. This platform shows you where the visits are coming from, which website page they entered on, which one they exited on and how long they stayed on the page.

Integrate Keywords

Keywords are critical to how high your webpages place in organic search results on search engines. Integrating the keywords users are likely to use to search for the services or products your company provides into your website copy can help drive traffic to your page. Brainstorming what words make sense for your business is the first step in the process. Once you have your list of words, work them into your webpage content. The words should flow naturally in the copy and shouldn’t seem placed purely for search engine optimization. Websites that bombard visitors with keywords, such as by repeating the keywords over and over on a webpage, can be flagged by the search engine and removed from search results.

Referring Links

Links to your webpage can go a long way to drive traffic. Working out partnerships with other companies and websites to link their site to your own and vice-versa can help drive traffic similar to a referral relationship. Interlinking posts from your website to drive traffic to other pages on your site can also be an effective tool for building page views.

Utilize Videos

Posting videos to such sites as YouTube can help drive traffic to your webpage. According to, YouTube is the second-biggest search engine after Google. Post videos related to your brand on YouTube, providing URL information that links back to your webpage. This gives you the opportunity to capture user attention visually to later direct them back to your webpage, increasing your page views.

Social Media

Social media enables you to interact with your customer base and entice them to click over to your website. Updates on Facebook and Twitter can be conversational and far more relaxed than other marketing content, such as press releases and even blog posts. Including links to your webpage within the posts can motivate users to follow the link and likewise increase your page views. This can help you drive traffic from segments of your customer base that you don’t reach with traditional advertising.

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